C&S can streamline the planning, design, and delivery of everything from small renovations and additions to major reconstruction and large scale buildings from the ground up with extensive architecture, engineering, and construction expertise all under one roof. Our approach is founded on the integrated project delivery (IPD) method, a true design-build approach that focuses on collaboration among all design and construction team members and the owner from the beginning of the project. By bringing together experts in all trades and phases early on, expectations are met, efficiency is improved, waste is reduced, and costs and schedule can be more accurately predicted and controlled. Because the IPD process focuses on full team interaction and a steadily evolving progression of the project, more well-rounded solutions are developed. The value of IPD is further enhanced by the use of sophisticated technology tools, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and energy modeling. BIM enables a team to design an entire project in three dimensions, identifying early on, where potential issues may exist and resolving them before they become problems in the field. Energy modeling helps designers make a building as energy efficient as possible, saving considerable operational costs over the life of the facility.

We focus on completing projects that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, while minimizing construction impacts and delivering the highest quality work. Our clients trust the implementation of their project to our construction and program management group. C&S maintains a full-time staff of construction managers, inspectors, and support staff who provide comprehensive services. Our professionals manage the construction of Federal projects, US Army Corps’ projects, State & Municipal agencies projects in CT, NY, NJ, & PA. The wide range of services C&S covers pre-construction services, construction phase services, and post construction closeout.



  • Commitment to quality, professional in all dealing and highly reliable.
  • Attention to detail, prompt and prudent.
  • Quick expandability on capacity and capable of meeting any surge in demand within considerably short time period.

The People

  • Our team consists of highly qualified Engineers and experienced professionals working in a very cohesive and synergized environment.